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DIY Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas
Updated: 2019-07-24 06:21

There is just something special about a handmade Christmas gift.? Even if the store bought one was cheaper…;and even the handmade one isn't not perfectly square…;or the finish isn't JUST right.? It's the “;handmade”; part that makes it so valuable.


pillow cases vintage

It's the fact that someone who loves you spent their time making that just for YOU.? It's knowing that the whole time they spent making it, they were thinking about you and your reaction when you open that gift on Christmas day.

I'm not normally a sentimental person, but those are the best gifts you can get ?? Amiright??


So this Christmas, if you are looking to give something specialbaby pillow, heartfelt, personal and handmade, I've compiled a list of great ideas for you to check out below.


DIY Rocking Horse

DIY Toy Chests

Toy Chest 1:

Toy Chest 2:

DIY Four Sided Bookshelf

DIY Kids Table and Chairs

DIY Wooden Clock

DIY Personalized Lasy Susan

DIY Keepsake Box

DIY Clock Table

DIY Faux Drawer Dresser

DIY Changing Table

DIY Twisty Table

DIY Bar Cart

DIY Wardrobe Cabinet

DIY Wooden Lantern

DIY Modern Wooden Wall Clock

DIY Wooden Stove Top Cover

DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box

DIY Business Card Holder

DIY Wooden Spoon

DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Contemporary Wall Shelf

DIY Boot Tray

DIY Scrap Wood Bookends

DIY Planter Box

WOW, that's a lot to choose from!? You can find lots more on the projects page as well.


I may have gotten a little carried away with the list, but there are so many unique options from small scrap wood projects to full blown furniture pieces.? So I hope this list is helpful if you are looking to gift someone with a handmade Christmas gift this year.


I hope that in the midst of all the sawdust and glue, that you find time to enjoy the holiday and spend time with those you love…;and eat lots of Christmas candy in the process ??


Stay tuned for SO MANY new DIY projects coming out soon.? Writing tutorials and editing video is time consuming, and I've had a few things going on lately, so I haven't been able to get as many out as I'd hoped.? But, keep your eyes out for a TON of new projects at the beginning of the new year!


As always, thank you so much for your support and for following along.? To you and your family, have a very Merry Christmas ??


Until next time, happy handmade Christmas gift building ??

I love to garden and I know so many other people who love to garden, as well. Lately, I began thinking about gifts to give people who love to garden. Practically everyone in my family gardens and gifts for them are often difficult to find. So what did I do? I started looking for some great DIY gifts for gardeners. And, I found 20 of the most amazing gifts that you can give to your gardening lovers. All of these are easy to make and many of them can be made with upcycled materials, so they are also pretty cheap gifts to give – although your gardening lovers will adore them just the same as anything you can buy in a store.

In this gift giving season, holiday gift tags can be bought everywhere from Target to your corner drug store. Today I am having a little fun, not only with the title of this post, but with many festive ideas on how you can make your own tags to accent every gift you give this year.

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