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How to Make Cute DIY Baby Shower “Cupcakes” Out of Baby Clothes
Updated: 2019-07-26 03:31

There are few things I love more than a baby shower. It’s something that only happens a few times for most ladies, so it is one of the most precious events in their lives. That’s why when I bring a gift to a baby shower, I want that gift to be extra special. And that means presenting it in a beautiful way.

There are so many cool baby shower gift ideas I have stumbled across—see the big list of 25 ideas here. Most of the ideas I find are for diaper cakesbaby pillow, but there are a few which make use of baby clothes as well, like this one for making a “bouquet.” I decided to search for more ideas for presenting baby clothes in clever and creative ways, and I found a great one—baby shower “cupcakes” made with onesies!

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6 onesies or washcloths 6 cupcake liners Baby socks in various colors Decorative elements (up to you)

1. Start by folding the onesie (or washcloth) in thirds lengthwise. 2. Place a baby sock at one end of the onesie. 3. Roll up the onesie around the sock so the sock is sticking out through the middle on both ends. 4. Roll the sock up around the bottom of the rolled-up onesie. This will form the bottom of the cupcake and hold it together. 5. You can now sort of fluff up the bit on top so it looks like a decorative element. 6. Add any embellishments you want. 7. Set the “cupcakes” on a cupcake tray for the perfect presentation. You now have the most adorable cupcakes ever to present to the mother-to-be!

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