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Natural Homemade Deodorizing Carpet Powder
Updated: 2019-07-26 00:06

Carpet powders are great for eliminating odor and making your home smell nice. Some of them however, can be harmful to pets. For a more natural carpet powder, you can just make your own. Not that those store bought powders are really expensivebaby pillow, but if you have the ingredients at home then making your own brings on its own rewards.

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To make your own carpet powder, you will need:

You can use about a cup of baking soda and just 5 or 6 drops of essential oils. Orange is a good choice but really, you can use whatever you want to get the scent that you prefer. Just mix them together and place them in a shaker – an empty parmesan cheese container works great for this. If you have pets inside and are prone to have flea problems, you can add about 2 tablespoons of borax to the mix and it will take care of those little pests. Tea tree oil works just as well as borax and eliminates flea issues perfectly.

Just sprinkle your carpet powder on carpets and let it set for about 15 minutes before you vacuum it.

Pro tip if you’;re looking for a carpet shampoo alternative, just mix white vinegar and water works like a charm.

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