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Updated: 2020-03-04 15:06

It’;s no secret I love herbs! I use them like crazy because I love the flavor herbs give to food and drinks. And on my balconies, you will find containers of them =) I usually begin planting basil in the early spring, after the last wind passes (or so I hope!) and mint pretty much starts sprouting here at the end of winter. So by the end of summer, it’;s time to harvest and dry these puppies.? However, periodically throughout the summer, I trim the plants and dry what I’;ve trimmed. Here’;s how I dry my mint (which I use for my homemade teasaccent pillow case baby floor, kefir cheese (see post), etc)…;.and you can use this method for drying most all other types of herbs. I dry mint, basil, lemon leaves, bay leaves, sage, and rosemary this way =)

First, place the mint (with stems attached) in a pot of water and swish around to remove and dirt, insects, etc…;.

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Then, lift a handful out of the water and place in a pasta strainer to drain. Repeat until all mint is strained. Line a large, shallow cardboard container or serving tray with a kitchen towel and place mint over the towel. Place the container outdoors (in a shady place) for about 2 hours, flip over the herbs, and leave for another two hours.

Bring the container inside and replace the damp kitchen towel with a clean dry one. Place the mint back on top, cover the mint with paper towels and store in a cool, dry place (like on a shelf) for about 2-3 weeks until mint and stems are completely dry.

Once they are completely shriveled and dry, place them (with their stems intact) into a glass jar. Keeping the stems intact allows their aroma to last longer.

Now, just find a happy home for them…;.here is part, yes part, of my spice cabinet storage! As you can see, I reuse glass mayonnaise jars for storing spices. Works perfectly! =) When you need to refill your spice bottle, just simply grab some from the jars. By drying and storing herbs this way, I find my herbs stay aromatic for a couple of years =)

Happy herb drying!

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I mentioned earlier this week that I completely ran out of time to make the kiddos’ Easter outfits this year.? Bummer.? I really enjoy making their holiday outfits because, hmmmmm, I don’t know why.? Maybe it’s a good excuse to make them something new?? And justifies the purchase of new fabric?? However, this year I found some really cute things at the store last minute while shopping for something else…..and just went with it.