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accent pillow case baby floor All That Is Yellow Mixed Media Cards personalised birthday gifts
Updated: 2019-09-10 17:59

If you would love to give mixed media a try, start with a handmade card or two, where the surface is just the right size to give some mixed media techniques a try. ?The combination of techniques is what you use to achieve the final look you are going for. ?Choosing a simple color story like sunny yellow and white is a great way to start. ?Choose flowers, fabric, cords, papersaccent pillow case baby floor, feathers, buttons and other embellishments in a single color palette.

Canvas Corp Printed Papers are printed on 80# paper stock, ?helping them to stand up to many mixed media techniques and embellishments. ?Available in 12×;12, these papers can easily but turned into cards of any size or shape and work well in all styles of die cut machines and punches.

accent pillow case baby baby decoration

Choose from a variety of our yellow and white or yellow and ivory papers to achieve this look. ?The variety of basic prints is a perfect backdrop for your mixed media projects, wedding invites, neutral baby crafts, spring crafts and so much more.

Choose a single piece to begin your focal point such as this die cut scroll to build your design. ?Add a balance of flowers, ribbons, lace, strings, beads, pearls, etc.

Our Yellow &; White Big Stripes Paper offers a strong base for this companion card. ?Mist, stamp and paint before adding your embellishments. ?The accent of the laser cut wooden frame is a great focal point to support the layers of flowers, doilies, loose string, ribbon and stamped sentiment.

Add your papers to a blank card to create an even heavier duty card that will stand up to all you can come up with.

For more creative card ideas visit our Pinterest board where you will find cards in all shapes, sizes, themes and colors. ?Our paper line let’;s you create the color palette for any theme, holiday or design you can dream up. ?Mix and match the colors and simple designs.

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Fall is the perfect time for cooler weather, falling leaves and of course Halloween! ?Using Canvas Corp Kraft Stock Halloween Paper to make a collage on the Witch hat base, this super cute table topper is sure to entice your Halloween guests for more treats! So let’s get started!