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accent pillow case baby floor Beginner’s Guide to a Trendy Buffalo Checks Statement Wall Personality linen pillow covers
Updated: 2019-09-16 15:00

Hello and happy Friday from the Cutting Edge Stencil Crew! Itching to create your own statement wall but think its a lot to commit to as a beginner? No sweat! Become a DIY expert with this trendy yet simple wall stencil pattern! Today we will show you steps for our Buffalo Checks Allover Stencil. This famous pattern can be stenciled as a DIY statement wall, in a dining room or even a powder room! Let’;s start slowly by using this Buffalo Checks design as a gorgeous wall stencil! Here we go!

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For this project we are bringing back our in-house stenciling queen, Erika. Introducing a wall stencil to a room can be an easy way to create texture and dimension without being to overbearing. Erika is here to show you how easy this DIY Buffalo Checks can be for anyone. Take a quick peek at this video tutorial before we begin:

Our?Buffalo Check stencil pattern?is based on a textile design introduced in the US in 1850. But this classic pattern has Scottish roots dating back to the 1700’s! The textile designer kept a herd of Buffalo and so his pattern was nicknamed “The Buffalo Check”. But today, this trendy stencil design has found it’s way into some of the most stylish interiors.

For this project you are definitely gonna need to order one of these babies! Our Cutting Edge Stencils Clip-on Level will make your life so much easier, I promise. Simply slide the level directly on the stencilaccent pillow case baby floor, center it and press it down so it seats firmly on the top of the stencil. Now, position your wall stencil on the wall and adjust it until the bubble is centered between the black lines on the level. Secure the leveled stencil with a few pieces of low tack tape (we use blue painters tape), and you’;re ready to roll! Because of the Buffalo Checks’; geometric shape and straight lines, you need to be sure that the first set is straight and even! Otherwise, you might have a crooked wall! Yikes!

Let’;s talk paint! For the Buffalo Checks wall stencil design, you are going to need three paint colors- dark, medium, and light. Erika originally chose these neutral gray tones for this room because it matched the other decor that she had! Of course, you are free to use any colors of your liking. For the base coat over the entire wall Erika used the medium Benjamin Moore Custom grey. Always use the medium color as your base! After drying, Erika began painting the wall stencil with the other two colors. Using a dense foam roller, Erika painted the outer squares her light color (Benjamin Moore Navajo White) and the inner squares her darkest color (Another custom Ben). Don’;t be afraid to use a second coat especially on those lighter paints. You want to make sure the colors are bold and have crisp clean lines!

So far so good, right?! I think the hardest part might just be choosing the colors! From here, all you need to do is continue that same pattern over the rest of the wall! Erika aligned the stencil over the previously painted marks using our built-in registration system shown below.

We can now reveal the final product! How pretty is this DIY statement wall that Erika designed. A wall stencil can really transform any room! You can take pride in knowing that you have stenciled and painted this pattern yourself! Buffalo Checks is definitely the way to go if you want to stay on trend but also keep it simple!

Where would you place this DIY Buffalo Checks statement wall ? Comment below with your thoughts! Can’t get enough of Cutting Edge Stencils:

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!Karli and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

photo: todd selby

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