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accent pillow case baby floor Behind the scenes of Your Home and Garden's room makeover series - sofa pillow covers
Updated: 2019-09-16 01:19

Your Home and Garden teamed up with Adairs and Resene to give this reader’s bedroom a much-needed makeover

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To celebrate the arrival in New Zealand of Australian interiors giant Adairs, Your Home and Garden joined forces with Adairs (now available online and opening its first store in Auckland’s Sylvia Park on 20 October) and Resene to offer room makeovers to three lucky readers. In the first of our three fabulous room reveals, a tired bedroom in a charming villa is given a sleek revamp.

Ginny Bridgeman (accountant), Duncan Bridgeman (news editor at The National Business Review), Grace, 10, Richie, 8accent pillow case baby floor, and Sam, 6.

Ginny Bridgeman was encouraged by her 10-year-old daughter, Grace, a fledgling interior designer, to enter the Your Home and Garden room makeover competition. The master bedroom in the family’s lived-in villa had plenty of potential, but with its mismatched furniture collected over the years, and a peeling paint job, it was in need of some TLC. Your Home and Garden stylist and interior designer Vanessa Nouwens used Adairs products and Resene paint to give the room a more cohesive, modern look, while keeping the villa’s vintage spirit and the room’s relaxed vibe alive.

“Ginny wanted her bedroom to be a restful, calm space with a relaxed vibe – a place she and her hubby could enjoy being in,” says Vanessa. “As it is a north-facing home and the room gets lots of natural light, she was keen to create a cosy spot where she could sit and read. She was also happy for the space to be a bit different from the rest of the house, which is very eclectic in nature.”

“Ginny had a great industrial cabinet in the bedroom which she loves, so I decided to take this piece and use it as a starting point for the room design,” explains Vanessa.

“A rich, intense shade of charcoal, warm grey and white from Resene were chosen for the walls. Accents of wood in the bedside tables and the roomy armchair were carefully selected to soften and warm the space, and plants were added to complement the beautiful shade of green in the villa’s original stained-glass windows.”

The wall“As it is a big room with high ceilings and natural light, I felt the room could take a dark feature wall behind the bed. It’s the first wall you see when you walk in, so it was the perfect spot. The moody charcoal wall in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen ‘Bastille’ adds a sense of drama to the space and is a great base for a ‘tonal bedding’ look. It’s important to think about the light fittings on a feature wall. The lights and switches on Ginny’s feature wall were white, so we swapped these for black ones which blend in perfectly.”

The bed“As the bed is the largest item in most bedrooms, it makes sense to make it a feature. A bedhead in a dark grey, textured fabric was chosen and paired with charcoal bedlinen. We then added several textured pillowcases and cushions to make the bed more inviting. To complete the look, an open-weave tasselled throw and sheepskin were layered on top.”

The?cabinetIf you have a piece of furniture you love that is looking a bit tired, a coat of paint can give it a new lease on life. Ginny was given the low cabinet, which sits underneath the window, as a wedding present and it’s as a great piece of functional furniture. However, it had a few bad stains on the top and was looking a bit scruffy around the edges. The simple solution was to sand it, then apply Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer and two coats of Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss paint. The dark charcoal Resene ‘Bastille’ was chosen again, to tie in with the feature wall.

“The makeover process was very relaxing and fun,” says Ginny. “I had some input but was more than happy for Vanessa to do as she pleased.” While she laughingly points out that there are a lot more cushions to deal with, she says she loves the final result. “I’m loving the new vibe of the room. It definitely feels more sophisticated and stylish.”

For more bedroom inspiration visit Adairs.co.nz

Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Rebekah Robinson. Styling by:?Vanessa Nouwens.

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