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accent pillow case baby floor Child’s Belt customized baby gifts
Updated: 2020-03-05 00:11

Okay, you may have seen these little belts everywhere…;…;.so there’;s not really one place to link everyone to. So I decided to teach my own tutorial…;…;…;.the way that works best for me. Hope it helps.

Can I just tell you first why children’;s belts are great?!? Well the pants I buy for Elli rarely fit just right and thankfully more and more companies are making their pants with an adjustable waist. However, there are still some that aren’;t adjustable and they fall right off Elli’;s little bum. So these belts work perfectly. Okay, and they’;re so cute. Perfect little splash of color. Yum.

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All you’;ll need:

Start by sewing the 2 pieces of ribbon togetheraccent pillow case baby floor, wrong sides together. Make a seam right down the center of the ribbons and then another seam on the left and right sides, very close to the edge.

Then, on one end, slide the 2 rings on…;

And then fold it over about 1/4 inch and then fold over again, about 3/4 inch…;

And then sew close to the edge…;..and then another seam right next to that one, to make it really secure.

Then turn the ribbon over and fold over a 1/4 of an inch and then another 1/4 inch and sew 2 seams to secure the end.

Make sure that you have folded over on one end and under on the other end…;

…;..so that when you loop the end through the D-rings, the seams are hiding toward the inside. Keeps everything nice and neat.

And here’;s my little Elli, shoving a Nutri Grain Bar into her mouth. Bribery for photo sessions works wonders at this age.

And don’;t even think that this is just for girls…;…;…;go find some cutie boy looking ribbon and throw one of these on your little boy too. Okay, they sell like canvas-y type ribbon/stuff by the yard at the fabric store too. That would be more “;manly”; I guess. :o)

When I saw Jessyratfink 'ible on how to shorten a zipper, I thought that was one of the 2 ways my mom used to do it. The other one is used when the zipper is "openable".