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Updated: 2020-03-04 18:04

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. -R.M. Rilke

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These our are memories of spring as a child.

I am lazily lounging in the backyard under an apple tree, enjoying the breeze and chirping birds. The honeysuckle blooms that perfumed our walkway provide comfort as I gaze at cloud formations. -Danielle, sales team

A trellis surrounding me, I sit cross-legged in the soil of our teepee garden made of pea poles. The beans and sweet peas have a lot of growing to do, giving the sunlight a chance to peak through. Between the twirling vines, I see my brother in his favorite tree examining the blossoms that will soon be summer's cherries. -Liz, finance team

I always appreciated those first spring days. It is a special time after a cold German winter that I am able to once again spread out a blanket in our backyard under the cherry tree. It is here that I would admire the new green leaves while reading a book. After these quiet momentsaccent pillow case baby floor, I would grab my bicycle and pedal to the nearby zoo which had baby goats, making sure to catch tadpoles along the way.-Stephanie, sales team

I am running through the sand and waves at the beach. I feel the salt and sun warm my skin. I watch as seagulls fly through the air and anticipate the arrival of the ice-cream truck, it's unforgettable tune growing louder in the distance. -Mark, finance team

I am enjoying a picnic at the beach with my family – my brother and I playing catch in the sand, dad spending hours fishing, and mom just sitting back in her chair watching all of us and smiling. -Christina, marketing team

I am running through the orange grove to climb the steps to the tree house. I then swing down the thick rope landing in the eucalyptus leaves. Here I discover where the chickens have laid their eggs and where the black widow spiders live. -Sandy, outlet team

I am running through my grandmother’s sprinklers, picking roses from the yard to make the most beautiful centerpieces for her dining room table. Oh, and I have mosquito bites! -Kimya, customer service team

My sister and I are fumbling through the carrot bed, digging for worms. My father walks across the just-cut grass, an old tin can in hand, full of chicken feed. There are spruce trees above me and not a worry inside of me. -Molly, marketing team

Flowers! Cascades of blooming azalea, iris, tulip, lily of the valley, roses, and hydrangea flowing around my house, my yard, my neighborhood and at our front door my mom planting her own flower garden to usher in the season. -Margot, product team

The creek still flowing and now shallow enough to wade through; its cold waters sparkling in the afternoon light. Thetrees listen as we plan our next adventure. -Krista, customer service team

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