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accent pillow case baby floor DIY Monogrammed Hair Clip customized gifts for mom
Updated: 2020-03-06 07:38

I’;m back with more felt hair clippies! This time it’;s a monogrammed hair clip for your stitching pleasure. Quick and easy and a wonderfully personal gift for a baby or little girl. Get the DIY after the jump.

First, stop by here to review the basics on hair clip supplies if you need to.

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I made two, one with each style clip. I suggest only using the small snap clip (shown in the photo below) if your baby has fine hair. For older girls with more hair you will want to use an alligator clip for this style.

The directions for both styles are mostly the same at the start. I will make variation notes for each style.

1. Trace a circle on to your felt. A spool of thread is the perfect size for this.

? Snap Clip: Make sure your circle is bigger than your clip, it will be sewn inside eventually.

2. Double up your felt and cut out your circle shape (total of 2 circles).

Alligator Clip: You only need 1 circle but your finished product will be a bit nicer with 2.

3. With light pencil or disappearing inkaccent pillow case baby floor, draw your letter centered on 1 circle. Remember that you will want to make it small enough to add a stitch around the outside later. I’;ve tried various methods of transfer to trace a letter onto the felt but have found it’;s easiest just to freehand.

4.Using regular thread or embroidery thread, stitch your letter onto your circle using a Back Stitch.

I’;ve found that 3 strands of embroidery thread is quite perfect. The “;Q”; uses 6, the “;C”; uses 3.

If you are using an Alligator clip, pick up at step 7 below and then click here for directions to finish your clip.

5. Snip a small hole in the back of your 2nd circle, just big enough for the back of your snap clip to fit through. Make sure you think about your circles matching up and also consider which side of the head the clip will be worn on. If it’;s a gift, your best bet is the right side of the head since most moms are right handed.

6. Sew your clip in place. If you want it to look more polished, use thread that matches your felt. If only you will see it, it doesn’;t matter.

7. Position your top circle (the one with the initial) on top and stitch all the way around the edge using small even stitches and tie off. You can use a small dab of glue to hold your ends in place so they don’;t peek out.

Ta da!

Here’;s a J!

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