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accent pillow case baby floor How to Create The Perfect Little Girls Bed from Jacaranda Living pillow case baby
Updated: 2020-03-27 02:44

Here is the “;perfect little girls bed”; from Jacaranda Living, with just the right amount of pink and puff. Read below to find out how to create this look!

The most important part of the bed are the sheets. These embroidered sheets from Jacaranda Living are available in 200 or 400 Thread Count quality on our website (click here to order). Select the sheets here and scroll down to view children’;s embroidery designs. Choose “;Baby”; under designs and “;BAT Ballerina and Teddy”;.

floral pillow cases

Once you have the sheets chosen, now choose each of the pillows and accessories that finish the “;perfect little girl’;s bed”;.

The first pillow to the left is our Cotton Percale Baby Pillow located under the “;baby”; section of our website. Choose again under designs and “;BAT Ballerina and Teddy”;.

The two larger boudoir pillows are more rectangular shaped and available under “;baby? pillows.”;

Made from soft cotton percale, your selected embroidery design is placed in the centre of the pillow with a?satin stitch?border and sham edge. There is a convenient envelope closure at the back (no metal zippers!) For this “;little girls perfect bed”; choose the designs baby boudoir pillowaccent pillow case baby floor, Sleepy Ballerina in pink and pink satin stitch “;Rosebuds”; designs.

The “;pink toothfairy pillow”; is the final touch will make your little girl’;s bed extra special. She will always have the excitement of that next tooth and being able to hide it in this adorable baby pillow. Pillow size is 10 X 10″; in White Cotton Percale (with Gingham Pocket for tooth). This is also a great little girl’;s gift on it’;s own.

A delightful gift or accent for?any bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or office.

Our Tissue Box Covers slide easily over the standard sized US cube. They are made from the finest linen or cotton/linen fabrics for a crisp, refined look. Available in Natural or White cotton linen, with or without embroidery. Select our?BAT Ballerina and Teddy in pink or FFPK Funky Fairy –; Pink.

Now go ahead, create this look for your little girl and know that she will love these designs and this bed until she is old enough to enjoy something more grown up!

About Jacaranda Living: Jacaranda Living is a wholesaler and retailer of fine embroidered waffle linens for home and spa, as well as bedding, cotton sleepwear, and baby layette and pillows. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Wellesley, Massachusetts. To find out what Jacaranda Living can do for you, visit JacarandaLiving.com

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