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accent pillow case baby floor How to Create an Asian Styled Interior funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-11-29 11:41

The Asian styled interior is not quite as controlling in design as is the separate Japanese or Chinese type of décor. Bringing bits and pieces of countries throughout Asia, the blends of individual cultures can be fun and still have an air of naturalism. Colours are welcome but only sparingly so with neutral backgrounds still prominent.

Also referred to as Oriental design, open space, simplicity, harmonyaccent pillow case baby floor, balance and light are the denominators used to achieve elegance with natural elements. Cover the walls with a traditional rice paper that can be found in greyish stone, sky blue, or other subdued nature matching colours. The texture gives a radiant feel of the outdoors without being exposed to the elements.

accent pillow case baby canvas outdoor

Keeping bedrooms simplistic with plain bedding sets to compliment the wall colour. Floors should be wood, bamboo or stone tile and covered with large mats of straw or bamboo. If you are like many and cannot part with the softness of carpet, keep it simple. Plain in colour, flat indoor-outdoor sections of carpeting that can be easily cleaned is part of the overall balance.

Opaque screens set in wooden frames can be used to separate portions of a multi-purpose room or just unfolded in one corner for decorative purposes. Most windows of an Asian styled home will be bare or covered only slightly with neutral colours with ready made blinds or sheer pencil pleat curtains. Only the Chinese style uses elaborate curtains and drapes with golden tassels and bright reds and yellows.

The Asian décor is leaning more toward the achievement of Feng Shui, a popular method of relaxation taken from the Asian culture. If you have not acquired a taste for sitting low to the floor, regular sized furniture can work as long as it is natural wood and not overbearing. Large ornate pieces have no place in the simplistic style of Asian.

Plain and simple, yet comfortable, is what you should be concerned with. Also, when placing furniture pieces, do not interrupt the flow of traffic that provides the flow of energy associated with Feng Shui. Clutter has no place in Asian décor. You can achieve a very fulfilling look by using mixtures of pottery, plants, paper scrolls and wood, but only lightly. It is hard to make a reverse if you have always been surrounded with rich colours, tons of pillows and piles of books but once you are able to give up the things that busy a room, a peaceful relaxed feeing will ensue.

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