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accent pillow case baby floor Love is in the Air- How to get a Romantic Bedroom on a Budget funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-12-02 11:28

As we've already seen this week you can add a touch of romance to your bedroom without having to completely redecorate or spend a small fortune. Remember the saying 'it's the thought that counts' and in these difficult economic times we need to bear this in mind. If you have a single coloured bedroom then you already have a great foundation on which to work. White is probably the easiest of the blank canvasses as you can add touches of romantic colours easily and with great affect.

Look for soft furnishings to add to your bedroom, simple, yet very stylish, cheap curtains in lightweight sheer voile fabric can make a superb backdrop to your bed-head and is an effective way to hide any imperfections in your walls. This cost effective wall dressing is ideal for those of you who live in rented homesaccent pillow case baby floor, as you can take the curtains with you when you move and leave the wall repairs and redecorating to your landlord!

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White duvet sets are also inexpensive and offer a dreamy and romantic look when teamed with the white voile curtains. Sprinkle fresh or artificial rose petals onto your bed to give a honeymoon-suite look. (If you use fresh rose petals be careful that the colour doesn't stain your bedding when the petals are crushed). Plump up pillows and cushions to make the bed look at it's best – there's nothing romantic about an unmade bed!

Soft lighting can be achieved with tea-lights and candles, just be sure that they are placed on a flat surface and be mindful that the bedding, roses petal (if you're using artificial ones) or lightweight voiles don't pose a fire risk. Opt for scented candles to freshen up your bedroom and fill the air with scents which are associated with romance! If you don't fancy the thought of your bedroom going up in flames then bedside table lamps with soft lighting bulbs are a great alternative which is far safer than naked flames.

If you have patterned duvet sets, a coloured headboard and beside tables, simply drape fresh white sheets over the tables, use the voile curtains to disguise your headboard and use white bedspreads uk to cover your bedding and you'll instantly provide the white backdrop to set the scene for a night (or two!) of romance! It doesn't take much to transform a bedroom into a peaceful, tranquil and romantic place to be. With a little interior design flair, inspiration and soft furnishings you can alter the mood and ambience of your bedroom at the drop of a hat.

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