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accent pillow case baby floor Michele’s Sicilian Garden pillow covers farmhouse
Updated: 2020-03-30 19:27

For those of you who know my neighbor, Sara (...see my posts on her delicious homemade pasta recipes!)? her husband, Michele (pronounced in Italian “;mee-keh-leh”;) has the most amazing garden I have ever seen. If you walk in their front yard, you are not going to find an HGTV perfectly manicured garden. Rather you are going to find a gentleman with an amazing green thumb! Michele has the capacity to grow everything and anything! Hereaccent pillow case baby floor, you will find cacti sharing the same container alongside basil…;.it’;s absolutely incredible. He grows so many different kinds of herb, flowers, plants, etc…;.all together. No fancy equipment, soil, nor professional gardener…;.it’;s just Michele, his hand held garden shears,? and watering can…;..Sicilian style! Let me give you a quick tour!

Look at this beautiful sage bush!

accent pillow case baby burlap home decor

You can find flowers of every kind and color…;…;

…;.along with cactus, ferns, basil…;…;

…;.baby palms…;..

…;.even between the cracks!…;..

…;.Michele leaves no wasted space =)

Up close, you should see how huge these mint leaves are!

Well, I hope you enjoyed Michele’;s Sicilian garden! If so, be sure to leave a comment so that I can let him know =)

Happy garden growing!

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