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accent pillow case baby floor Nautical Ahoy Garland personalised birthday gifts
Updated: 2019-09-11 17:29

Ahoy, friend!

The word ahoy, in nautical terms, is used to signal a boat or ship.? It can also be used as a greetingaccent pillow case baby floor, warning, or farewell so it a perfect sentiment for banners and garlands for any nautical themed occasion.

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The new Canvas Corp nautical line has plenty of fun navy and coral papers and nautical embellishments to make? many fun garlands.? The basics line has plenty of options to add dimension, depth, and interest.? There are endless combination possibilities-let your imagination float away!? You can use our Ahoy Garland as inspiration and we would love to see your own creations…;feel free to share to our Facebook page!

Let’;s get sailing, shall we?? Here’;s how we did it.

Gather these supplies:

Assorted Nautical PapersCoral &; Ivory Ribbon Striped Paper12×;12 Canvas Sheet or Canvas Shape Tags12×;12 Burlap SheetNavy High Impact PaintMaritime CharmsJute RopeDecorative Clothespin-Jacobean

And these tools:

Double sided tapeStaple &; Staples (we used a mini-stapler)Paint brushScissorSewing machine &; thread (optional)

Cut out the background canvas into desired shapes (cut one for each letter of your garland).? We cut out these tags from a 12×;12 sheet but you may also purchase? pre-made tags (these tend to be a tad thicker).? Cut out proportionate sized rectangles of the burlap sheets, one for each letter. Cut out your garland word.? We used a die cut machine here but you can use stencils or freehand, too.

Now that you have everything cut it’;s time to assemble. Attach the burlap to the canvas tags.? We used a machine to sew them but you could hand sew them or attach them with a really strong double sided tape.

The letters were looking a little bare here so we added some navy high impact as a background to really make them pop.

Once dry, add the letters.? Double sided tape works well.

The Coral &; Shells on Ivory paper has fun, sturdy shapes you can cut out to embellish the tags.

Add the charms by stringing with thin cotton string and taping them to the inside of patterned tabs.? You’;ll secure these to the jute rope with a staple.

Prepare the jute rope for hanging the tags.? Here, we tied as many loops as we had letters.? We’;ll use the clothespins to secure the tags to the rope.

Attach all the tags and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope to see you on the high seas!

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