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accent pillow case baby floor On trend- Blue hues with Jason Grant accent pillow case baby
Updated: 2020-01-20 09:19

Blue is a complementary hue that can suit many different styles in the home. We speak to Interior Stylist Jason Grant about how he incorporates this colour in his home.

Your Instagram feed is often filled with variances of blue, whether it be from the ocean or interiors. What is it about blue that you love?

accent pillow case baby burlap

Blue is always so calming and relaxing, I love all shades of this favourite hueaccent pillow case baby floor, from pale powder blues to deep indigos, I’m never far from the sea and blue is always part of my happy space.

Our Hewett quilt cover is crafted in a cotton linen blend with a washed finish, how does this feel to sleep in?

Soft and cosy – for the perfect night’s sleep.

Hewett quilt cover set

Our Lorette wall art depicts an incoming storm, as inspired by the rolling clouds over the South Australian landscape. How do you interpret this art?

I like the calm blue tones and the abstract nature of this piece – perfect for the bedroom, simple yet optimistic.

Our Hewett quilt cover in denim pairs beautifully with our Lorette wall art. How would you style the rest of your bedroom to complete this look?

I like to keep decor calm and serene in the bedroom, a simple edit of the essentials and a few little luxuries of course bedlinen is an everyday luxury for me.

Hewett quilt cover set, Lorette wall art


The onset of warmer weather compels us to throw open the windows, shed some layers, and find quick, easy updates to bring the sunshine into our homes and lives. We seek to catch that casual, carefree vibe of beach vacations and weekend getaways with our everyday surroundings. To achieve this, here are some trends, treasured finds, and design ideas to help you embrace summer in your decor.

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