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accent pillow case baby floor Spring Interior Design Ideas 4- Catching the Breeze funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-12-03 13:39

As we suggested yesterday Spring is the time of year to throw open your windows and let the stale air of winter out and fresh clean air in. In the past this was part of the Spring cleaning ritual and was used not only to rid homes of stale air, it was also used to try and rid homes of the coal dust which had accumulated during the winter months.

Beating rugs, clothesaccent pillow case baby floor, cushions and bedding with a rattan, cane or wood beater was common place – the items were hung over railings or on washing lines and literally had the dirt beaten out of them – today we don't have to undertake such measure to get our clothes, cushions or bedding clean, although having said that taking large rugs outside and beating them remains an effective way of dislodging any dirt and debris which a hoover may not have been able to pick-up.

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Likewise the European trend for dangling duvets out of windows to give them an airing is another cleaning ritual which seems to be catching on in the UK. Changing your duvet cover sets to luxury bedding with bright Spring colours and coordinating them with curtains or voile panels gives a bedroom an instant fresh and airy look and feel. Yellow, white and grey colour combinations are ideal for all styles of traditional and modern homes. For a new look why not adopt the trend of having each curtain a different colour?

This will instantly up-date a tired looking room and inject some modern interior design ideas without being too outrageous. Yellow is not only a colour which reminds us of Spring and Summer it's also a colour which is associated with cheerfulness and summer warmth. It's also associated with eye fatigue due to the high amount of reflective light it produces – making it a good choice for bedrooms where you will need to close your eyes and hopefully drift off to sleep. Yellow is also the colour that represents friendship so it's a great colour to choose for guest rooms.

Beware about the intensity of the shade you use; while bright sunflower yellow can make you feel happy and cheerful it is also believed to make you more irritable and frustrated – so I suggest that if you've never used yellow for your colour scheme before that you introduce it gradually into your home by way of soft furnishings and accessories and judge the affect it has on you and the people who share your home!

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