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accent pillow case baby floor Spring Interior Design Ideas 5- Green Bathrooms funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-12-03 08:53

Today we focus on bathrooms and offer interior design ideas and suggestions on how you can transform your bathroom into a room full of Spring colours and natural elements. As we've discuss previously (How to Create 5: How to Create an Eco-Friendly Home) 'going green' isn't just about using the colour, although for this post we are suggesting you use green to coordinate with wood and natural elements to turn your bathroom into a eco-friendly and inviting place to spend time relaxing.

Bathroom makeover are often the most difficult, purely because of the space restrictions and plumbing implications they pose. In both traditional and modern homes bathrooms do still tend to be on the small sideaccent pillow case baby floor, and you may have to spend some time making decisions as to the layout already in-situ, along with the preferences to including a bath and a shower or making improvisations or concessions if space is restricted to get the style you want without having to rip everything out and start from scratch.

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Free standing baths and wet-rooms are the two biggest bathroom trends that have been carried over from last year. Last year we saw that white baths were the strongest preferred colour choice however, this year we're seeing the same style of free standing baths but with coloured exteriors; typically bold colours such as green, blue and red. Wooden blinds are also being used in bathrooms to bring natural elements into play. Wooden Venetian blinds are good choices because they will provide you with the privacy required in such an intimate room, while allowing natural light to enter the room at your discretion simply by adjusting the angle of the slats or louvres.

Wooden blinds also coordinate well with wooden flooring and bring a sense of balance and cohesion to the room. Include cheap rugs to step onto if you don't have completely watertight flooring or prefer not to stand on a cold floor, but beware of potential slip hazards which can be reduced by using anti-slip matting under your rugs. Bring the room together by including free standing storage units made of wood if you have the space or use wicker baskets to store bits and pieces to keep clutter to a minimum and the natural elements running throughout your accessories and décor to create a beautiful bathroom which suits the style of your home and your budget.

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