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accent pillow case baby floor Thanksgiving Project- Kid-Friendly DIY Table Runner customized gifts for mom
Updated: 2019-09-05 12:58

Holiday decor that is simple, thoughtful, and inexpensive is always a big win in our house. This project checks off all of those boxesaccent pillow case baby floor, and is a meaningful activity to entertain your guests while you cook the big meal!??

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A few simple steps right after the jump.


1. Start with a simple roll of kraft paper.?This one is 18 inches, but you can use whatever dimensions work with your table, such as this wrapping paper.

2. Cut the paper to length, leaving 6-to-8 inches ?at the ends for overhang. Center the paper, and secure with tape if you wish to keep it secure.

3. Begin dressing up your table. I drew inspiration from the other wood accents in the room such as my wood beaded chandelier and added these natural wood candleholders and white pillar candles. I love the statement they made!?This wood and marble pedestal stand helps add height to the table decorations. This would be a perfect place to serve a pie or some other type of Thanksgiving dessert. I used different types of gourds to bring seasonal touches to the display.?

4. Add greenery. Greenery is always a must. Some of my favorites are olive branches, faux rose hips, and fresh seeded eucalyptus.?

5. Leave out pencils or pens and encourage guests to write a word or phrase that represents what they are thankful for this season.

I invited my own family to write some words, and what struck me deepest were “;family”; and “;our home”;—all from the hands of babes!

I love how this project marries the most meaningful aspects of Thanksgiving and lovely decor.?It is the perfect blank canvas for your guests to write what they are thankful for and truly elevates the look of your dining table.

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