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accent pillow case baby floor Would You Really Have This In Your Home- funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-12-03 18:10

It's true that it would be a boring world if we were all the same! However, some people chose things that others consider to be bizarre, if not down right weird, to include in their home. Showing your individuality and personality is key in successful interiors, but would you really have these obscure things in your home?

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Decor Advisor

Consider it art or think of it at scary? Not sure many would want this 'trapped' woman behind their headboard. Okayaccent pillow case baby floor, it can be classed as sexy, but maybe there's a darker meaning behind it.

Dailymail UK

Taxidermy maybe a hot interior design trend, but a bison????


Barbie, or is it Cindy?. for little girls is okay(ish) but to dedicate an entire room to a doll is going a little too far.

Web Urbanist

Besotted with weddings you may be, yet a bed cover that resembles a wedding cake, complete with figurine, (notice there's only a bride here!) is taking things to the extreme.

Cloud Mind

This surreal interior would be great for crocheters and knitters!


Bringing the Outside In maybe a hot trend this year, but to have your front room resemble a stark and lifeless pebble beach is odd to say the least.

Net Style Shopper

Mosaic tiling has taken over this house, at yes it's different but not necessarily better!

Found S**t

If you love fun and quirky this mesh hammock, suspended over an open floor, fits the bill very nicely.

Degrees of Affection

Oh dear, there's having coordinated décor and then there's taking it a little too far, this room is the latter. Maybe the owners had a bulk buy deal on tartan fabric!

Photo Vide

It may be radical but it certainly makes a statement and makes a change from a standard television housing unit. If it were a fire/log burner it would be awesome!

4All Travelers

Having a shark swimming close by while you're sitting on the loo is somewhat daunting! Maybe is serves a purpose.I doubt you'd be constipated for long!

Web Urbanist

Coffins as beds are probably not on many people's wish lists, but if you love the weird, quirky or Gothic interiors they could possibly find a place in your home.

Jpincheira?Interior Design Ideas

This strange lumpy thing is supposed to be a floor covering/rug. It maybe artistic but it doesn’t look very practical for a family home.

Interior 5 Design

This odd looking chair is only for those who really dare to be different.

Home Design Ideas

Having a gas mask shower head would have me heading for the nearest underground shelter rather than under the water!

When I saw Jessyratfink 'ible on how to shorten a zipper, I thought that was one of the 2 ways my mom used to do it. The other one is used when the zipper is "openable".