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baby pillow A Simple Path- with architect Stine Rosenborg personalized linen pillow covers
Updated: 2019-09-06 08:11

This month on A Simple Path we are thrilled to be joined by Danish architect Stine Rosenborg. Stine’;s beautiful Instagram gallery is full of pictures of her gorgeous Copenhagen home, and her pared-back, simple style felt like such a perfect fit for Linenbeauty.

Thanks to her work, she has an amazing eye for how to optimise light and space. Her stunning home is based around a neutral palette, with plenty of natural textiles (including linens, of course!) and plants. It’;s the kind of house that makes you dream of pale walls brushed with late afternoon sunshine, lazy breakfasts in a quiet kitchen and pretty-ing up those overlooked corners.

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Her images inspire and calm in equal measurebaby pillow, like opening a window and letting in some fresh air. Hopefully this interview will feel like this too, giving you a moment of tranquility in your day. Read on to find out how Stine creates a little oasis of peace in the heart of a city.

Welcome, Stine. We’;re so glad to have you here.

I’m an architect based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I mostly work with interior and space planning.

I’ve always had a great interest in interior design and I originally wanted to start studying that at the Danish School of Design. Instead I had a teacher who encouraged me to apply for the School of Architecture and I suddenly found myself studying at the Academy of Fine Arts to become an architect (in the more traditional sense). I’m still new in the business and my current job is my first job as an architect.

To have more trust in myself in general. Not to worry, things will happen in their own time.

I’m still working on getting the right work-life balance. Slow living can be a challenge sometimes when you live in the city. My work can be very busy at times and occasionally a little stressful.

Therefore the weekends are very important to me. This is where I can slow down the pace and recharge. Reading, baking and walking helps me relax.

In the weekdays we always sit down and enjoy a cup of morning coffee and my boyfriend’s freshly made smoothie (even though it sometimes isn’t more than 5 minutes). I walk to work whenever it’s possible; it helps me clear my head.

I don’t think I would say we live a simple life here in the city, but we try to surround ourselves with as little as possible, to create a simple, relaxed space in our home – a break away from the buzzing of the city.

Sometimes, I dream of living outside of the city, in the countryside, so I can get a little soil under my nails and grow my own vegetables. For now, however, the pots on my balcony will have to do.

I don’t necessarily think it’s difficult. It’;s basically a question of balance. Most of my pictures are caught in the moment – because the light was spot on or the breakfast was beautifully arranged (which I must say, it always is in our house, whether or not it’s shared on Instagram, simply because it tastes better well served).

However, I normally don’t post until later during the day because drinking the coffee hot and enjoying the company of my boyfriend or friends is always more important. Being in the moment is what brings joy and for my part enriches my life. The picture and interactions with others on Instagram are just a bonus.

Several inspiring ladies on Instagram, for starting their own creative businesses, creating beautiful and inspiring content, or putting great words out there for us to read. But also people around me, like my boyfriend for taking the step and starting his own business.

Maybe my pink chair that I inherited from my grandmother – I guess that will be moving with me anywhere we move. And several of the items in my kitchen like specific ceramics that are one of a kind bought on vacations or from small Danish ceramic shops. But to be honest, I guess there isn’t really anything I couldn’t live without.

Probably to have my own business. Maybe own a small interior shop or a flower shop. Do some more gardening and grow my own vegetables.

I’m not really a wild person. I dream of travelling alone one day, just to try it out –; that would be wild for me.

Thanks so much Stine! It’;s been a real pleasure to hear your thoughts on slow living and getting the most out of life. Catch up with Stine on Instagram (@srosenborg) and read more about her gorgeous home here.

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