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baby pillow A-Z of Soft Furnishings- J – L funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-09-26 11:05

Today we focus on one the most popular soft furnishing fabrics, kitchen ware and lighting; the latter being one aspect of interior design which we all have in various forms within our homes.

Jacquard fabric has been used for many years within homes, the main difference between Jacquard and other soft furnishing fabrics is that the pattern is woven into the material rather than being applied as a dye or print. The fabric derives its name from the French inventor who made a loom which could make the pattern an integral part of the fabric – the Jacquard loom.

linen sheets

Today jacquard fabric is synonymous with high quality fabric which is used for making gorgeous curtains, drapes and upholstering furniture and while many people believe Jacquard to be somewhat old fashionedbaby pillow, this couldn't be further from the truth – Jacquard patterns have stood the test of time and are constantly up-dated to keep abreast of consumer demands.

Kitchen ware refers to the soft furnishings used in kitchens, for example items such as curtains, table cloths, oven gloves and seat pads. Each of these soft furnishing items can be bought individually or as a set which provides a totally co-ordinated look. Café or bistro curtains are returning to kitchens to give them a fresh and up to-date look. Kid's bedding covers all of the soft furnishing items required to make a kid's bed; sheets, duvet sets and co-ordinating pillow slips. Today you can find bedding which is specifically tailored for children – typically with prints of the latest super-heroes, television characters or for girls those which are princess themed.

Lighting is something we all have in our homes! Whether you prefer to simply use the central overhead lights in each room or prefer to have floor or table lamps. In terms of interior design lighting plays a crucial role in achieving the right ambience and style for each room within a home. A table lamp strategically placed to illuminate a dark corner can enhance the overall look of the room. Luxury bedding is no longer bedding which is so expensive only the well-off can afford it! Today, luxury bedding is available from online retailers and includes designer bedding, bedding made from high quality fabrics, along with super king bedding which fits large beds that are being used by many people for both comfort and style.

So I mentioned I am putting together a mystery-event-to-be-revealed-later that features a bunch of crazy bright pillows and showed you how to sew a Pouf Pillow. Here’s another one that would work great for the home in a more subtle color combo. Get the simple Ruffle Stripe Pillow DIY after the jump…DIY Ruffle Stripe Pillow

Remodelling your home takes on a whole new meaning if you follow interior design trends. This year there are some fabulous ways to improve your home and your quality of life. ?

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