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baby pillow A-Z of Soft Furnishings- M – P funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-09-26 01:57

Moving through the alphabet we come to metal, net, poles and prints. Each playing their own role within soft furnishings for your home. Some you may not have all of these soft furnishing items as they aren't obligatory, however, the chances are that you will at least have printed fabricsbaby pillow, either as curtains, drapes, cushions or on furniture.

M = Metal curtain poles: Metal curtain poles aren't a new conception – they been used in their crudest form (an iron style bar) from time immemorial. Today we have the choice of a wide variety of colours, metals, finishes as well as beautiful end finales which can make your curtain poles a real feature of your home. One of the greatest advantages is that you can hang all types of curtains from poles; using rings and hooks or sliding eyelet and tab top curtains straight onto the pole.

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N = Net curtains: We all need privacy and net curtains are a great of providing it. For some net curtains are a little out-dated and old fashioned, yet the need for privacy remains a priority, a voile panel is a great way of adding chic styling to your window dressing which still gives you a soft look and the privacy you need.

O = Oriana curtains: Okay, so I've cheated just a little bit with O - I'm sure you'll be able to tell me of a soft furnishing which begins with the letter O! However, Oriana ready made curtains are a great-looking printed curtain which is available in silver – a perfect match for metal curtain poles with a silvered finish, or trendy teal which will suit both metal and wooden curtain poles. Matching soft furnishings are also available so that you can give your rooms a totally co-ordinated look.

P = Printed fabrics: printed fabrics are all around us – even plain materials have a natural pattern derived from the warp and weft of the fabric, however, for most of us printed fabrics mean patterns and extra colours. From a ready made curtain to duvet sets to upholstered sofas and chairs, there's a printed fabric or material being used – they are the main stay of interior design and for the vast majority of us our homes simply wouldn't be the same without them! Through the decades patterns change, they come and go, some patterns have become classics, such as checks and Paisley which are used in both traditional and modern homes.

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