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Updated: 2019-09-06 13:25

Christoff Niemann

As we scroll through design sites, we periodically spot some new gadget for keeping ugly computer wires in check: reels that wind them upbaby pillow, dongles that collect them behind your desk…; Perhaps the BEST improvisation we’;ve seen is in Christoph Niemann’;s workspace.?The inspired?illustrator/artist/author disguised an ugly black cable by placing a black and white image behind it: perfect.

pillowcase baby

Another recent favorite is IKEA’;s Kvissle Cable management box: a lacquered white metal box with a cork top.

Holes at the sides and top allow cords to come and go as they hide.

We’;ve found the minimalist box perfect for hiding our makeup essentials in the bathroom, while providing quick access for a lipstick touch-up:

Sally Schneider

Our improvised solution to the mess of wires behind our swell 13-foot long workspace was a single?sheet of leftover Foamcore pushed behind the file cabinets to make a false, optical-illusion white wall under our desk.

Sally Schneider

Foamcore has provided excellent quick fixes to hide?a host of ugly details around our space.

Toyota is a well known brand when we speak about cars, and is best known for its top-selling cars like the Prius and Corolla, but did you knew that Toyota also makes homes ? Until now I didn’t know that, and they’ve been in the business of making homes for over 20 years! Right now Toyota is looking to apply its eco friendly image and technical know-how to help boost sales of its small and little-known prefabricated-housing division. The Toyota Homes unit accounts for only 0.5% of the company’s $262 billion in annual sales, and Toyota would like to beef that up a little bit.

We had a couple of amazing projects entered in February. We love to see those gorgeous entries to our challenges from ALL around the globe.?We want to say THANK YOU for being part of the Canvas Corp Brands community, reading and supporting our blog, and being a part of our challenges!!!!?We also want to remind you of the criterias to enter our challenges – We want you to include at least 1 Product from Canvas Corp Brands (don′t forget to mention it too – so we know what you used) and us the #ccbchallenge (or link to our challenge in you blog post).

Easter gifts used to consist of chocolate eggs and candy bunnies, but now there is a whole world of alternatives to give as spring approaches. This lengthy list consists of some of the best and most thoughtful Easter gifts around, for babies, bigger kids, and even moms, dads, and grandparents.