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Updated: 2019-09-18 04:06

A seaside front section with a mishmash of planting needs more of everything

Dear Carol

linen cushion covers

We love our little seaside cottage, but we are unsure what to do with the front garden! We would love some assistance to help it reach its full potential. We live beside the sea in Wellington, in a 1920s weatherboard house. We need help with the front garden. It has a lot going on and hasn’t been updated in over 20 years.?There are two things we’re keen on keeping and they are the olive tree and the nikau palm. We’d love to use plants that tie in with these two featuresbaby pillow, while creating a coastal/tropical oasis. There are two camellias in the middle of the lawn, which we are keen to get rid of, so we are left with an open grassy space. This area is east facing so gets the morning sun. During the summer it gets sun until early afternoon.?The area is quite sheltered. A planting plan that is going to add more interest to the front of our home would be ideal.

Suggested planting plan

Carol’s solution



Words by: Carol BucknellPlan/Illustration by: Carol Bucknell

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