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baby pillow How to Host in a Very Small Space linen pillow covers
Updated: 2019-09-09 10:30

She lives in?The Tiny Canal Cottage,?a?1924 Craftsman-style home located along the historic canals in Venice Beach.?Whitney and her fiancé?have housed overnight guests for visits ranging from a single night to up to three weeks and have welcomed up to 50 people in their place?for cocktail parties. And did we mention they have two dogs? With this expertise?on how to host in small spaces – and pictures of her home to prove it – Whitney affirms?you don’t have to “live large” to live beautifully.

Store guest?bedding?in a chest that can double as a coffee table. Also, use folding bistro furniture to accommodate your guests both indoors and out; these quickly collapse so you can?stash the set when not in use.

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When visitors sleep in rooms that serve more than one purpose (such as a living room or office that doubles as a guest room, like ours), be sure to offer them an?eye mask?and ear plugs. The little things help guests?settle in and get a better night of sleep.

It’s obviously challenging to find a completely private space for overnight guests in a tiny home. Howeverbaby pillow, a room divider provides your guests with a little place of their own. If your space can’t accommodate a folding screen, try suspending a temporary curtain around the guest bed or couch. In the evenings the curtain?creates?privacy, while during the day it’s cinched with a pin to leave the room open and airy.

Clear a shelf or cubby for your guests’ toiletries. Not only does this help visitors?feel settled and welcome in your home, but it also prevents clutter from piling up on valuable countertop and floor space. Use varying colors of?towels?so everyone knows which one is his or hers.

One of the biggest issues at small space gatherings is that guests don’t quite know where to put their belongings. It’s a good idea to provide a safe, dedicated space for coats and bags. We like to repurpose two shepherd’s hooks – connected by a branch — as a simple clothing rack. By adding some hangers and S-hooks, guests can hang their extra layers and belongings, which helps keep the house?clean and uncluttered by?freeing up surfaces and seating.

Reusable napkins, dishes, glasses and silverware are surprisingly?comparable in price to plastic or paper party goods. By organizing all of these items in wire baskets and using them for events, you avoid wasteful piles of trash that clutter up the house. Glass serving bottles and a SodaStream help as well. You don’t need much space to go green.

A?metal, rolling cart makes a convenient?basket for collecting used food and beverage items. This trick prevents?an unsightly, surface-stealing mess in the kitchen during an event, keeping all the dirty items together and fairly out of sight.

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