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baby pillow Love is in the Air- How to get a Romantic Bedroom with a Touch of Masculinity funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-12-02 14:59

Bedrooms don't have to be pink, overly fussy and feminine to be romantic. For those who like a classical style of interior design, with a few modern touches, creating a romantic bedroom may be something as simple as placing a vase of fresh roses on a bedside tablebaby pillow, adding an extra pillow or serving breakfast in bed and it doesn't have to be on February 14th! With the world changing it's perceptions on what is deemed slushy and romantic bedrooms don't have to be verging on tacky or sexually explicit – let's be honest real life isn't always a bed of roses!

In the world of interior design romance isn't solely for females – men can also display their feminine side and nothings more appropriate than including touches of romance which favour the male population. Colour schemes can speak volumes if you get it right! Steely grey and pewter have a softer edge than black, coordinate grey duvet sets with crisp, white sheets and a romantic look can easily be achieved. While males may prefer plain bedding rather than patterns and floral designs, quality can be the order of the day to make this style of bedroom truly stunning.

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The inclusion of tactile fabrics and materials will also lift a bedroom from bland and flat to beautifully stylish. Soft touch bedding, silk, bedspreads uk or satin sheets in white are a delight next to your skin and have an innocent purity and luxury that can woo any lover's heart! Likewise, to create a bedroom which exudes chic styling you don't have to spend a small fortune of window dressings. Cheap curtains in the right colour and style can look far more effective than expensive curtains which are out-dated or the wrong colour.

To achieve a romantic bedroom with a leaning towards masculinity think about colour and use this to build the basis of the room. Add chunky furnishings and use natural materials such as wood, leather and metal. Try not to include anything overly complicated or fussy, although furniture bought from far away places (and I don't mean the next town!) can show off prowess and the desire to travel or be reminders of past travels to foreign lands - in much the same way the Victorians did – without having stuffed animal heads or skins on the floor or walls!

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