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baby pillow Love is in the Air- How to get a Romantic Shabby Chic Bedroom funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-12-02 20:48

Love is in the air this week! Valentine's Day brings out the romantics by the score all lavishing flowers, chocolates, champagne and love to their partners. So, why do we celebrate Valentine's Day? Up until 1969 Valentine's Day was the day which Catholics observed the saint of romantic causes and of course was named after St. Valentine. There were actually three saints honouredbaby pillow, all were martyred on February 14th.

Whatever your beliefs Valentine's Day has become big business with thousands of cards and presents bought across the globe by lovers. As such each year we see some strange occurrences and many couples choose to adorn their bedrooms with symbols of love.

burlap throw pillow covers

A Shabby Chic styled bedroom lends itself beautifully to love and romance with its feminine qualities and gentle colour schemes. As the bed is the main focal point in a bedroom it's here where you need to concentrate your efforts. Simple gestures such as adding quilted bedspreads uk in off-white or a pale pastel colour will show your partner that you care about them and want them to be warm and cosy.

Patchwork bed throws are also ideal, especially if the fabrics' patterns are predominately floral. Lavish the bed with pretty cushions, floral designs are already part and parcel of a Shabby Chic interior, so it won't be difficult to add fabrics depicting roses in soft pinks or muted reds. You can also include a variety of tactile fabrics such as silk, satin or velvet in your cushions or trim heart-shaped cushions with antiqued lace (if you can't find antique lace you can use modern lace and soak it in a weak tea solution to 'age' it!).

Large rugs placed either side of the bed can help to ground the style and colour scheme, look for those with a slightly worn and old fashioned pattern or design to blend with the rest of the soft furnishings and décor. Fresh flowers – roses of course! - can be placed in china vases or even tea-cups to bring a little romance into an already romantically styled room.

A single stemmed rose tied with a thin piece of red or pink ribbon, laid on his/her pillow will speak volumes – just remember to remove any thorns! Simple style, which is dainty and feminine, will woo your prince charming throughout the year and especially on Valentine's Day!

Children really love colour and especially the livelier end of the spectrum. This week though, we are not looking at just any old colour – this week the emphasis is on green that will make everyone envious. In the children's room you could choose green hues that are more vibrant and energetic – this will particularly help to give young children a fun and playful environment.for teens it might motivate them to get out of bed in the morning! This first idea is in actual fact for nurseries and uses a soft mint green with a chocolate brown – beautiful and contemporary for little boys or little girls!

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