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baby pillow New Linen Pillow Covers! Pre-Printed & pre-sewn, embroidered by YOU- personalized rustic pillow covers
Updated: 2019-09-09 08:34

(This is a big deal for us.) I am so excited to introduce our new linen pillow covers for you to embroider! Let's go beyond "craft project" and enter the realm of hand embroidered home décor together...

The design is already printed on the front, and there's no sewing needed. Just open up the zippered side, insert your hoop and get straight to the best part: E M B R O I D E R I N G.?

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Anyone can embroider these, and a veteran stitcher can add lots of extra embellishment to make it unique. The back side is blank if you'd like to also embroider?your own design!

The fabric is super softbaby pillow, and finished with a corded edge:

Your needle will float through the fabric. And there's no pattern tracing or transfer necessary:

Just stitch along the lines, and before you know it, you'll have a new pillow that looks like a million dollars, embroidered by you:

? Beginner Embroidery Pillow Kit with Art by Kyler Martz ?

? Beginner Embroidery Pillow Kit with art by Emily Winfield Martin ?

Each kit comes with multiple colors of floss, and this full-color booklet:

? WARNING ??Not responsible for friends and family mistakenly thinking you got a raise, blew it on expensive, hand-embroidered home décor and start muttering about your "bougie tendencies".

You can just throw your head back, laugh and say "These? Oh why I embroidered those." Then plop down luxuriously on them, sip your cocktail and say "Did you want me to make one for you?"

(More are coming!)

? Beginner Embroidery Pillow Kit with Art by Kyler Martz ?


? Beginner Embroidery Pillow Kit with art by Emily Winfield Martin ?

xo Jenny

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