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baby pillow This new-build expertly balances heritage design with on-trend accessories sofa pillow covers
Updated: 2019-09-24 03:59

Heritage designs combined with on-trend accessories and a myriad of textures effortlessly blend to make this Rangiora family home cosy and welcoming

Lee Sinclair, owner and designer of Cloud Nine Creative, Peter Butcher, painter and plasterer, and Jack, 1, plus Mouse the cat.

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One thing you would change about your home if you could?We think it’s pretty perfect just as it is.

Most memorable experience you have had in your home?The actual moving-in was pretty exciting. We felt we had worked so hard to get to where we werebaby pillow, and felt extremely grateful for our beautiful new home. Also, bringing our son home for the first time.

How much have you spent decorating and tweaking your home?About $2000.

How did your budget forecast compare to your actual spend?We were lucky as Pete is a painter and plasterer so he was able to do most of the work himself. We knew it was just a case of purchasing paint and a few building materials. We paid a local builder to make some more storage and shelving units for my studio.

Do you tend to buy high-end homeware or seek out a bargain?A bit of both. These days I tend to only buy pieces I love, regardless of whether it’s from a high-end homeware store, Kmart or a secondhand shop. I think it’s nice to have a mix of old and new. I also have my own creations around the house.

Best advice when it comes to spending money on a home?For resale, consider your street appeal, as it’s the first impression people get of a home. Plant as soon as you can – it takes years to create an established garden. And great storage is a must. A home should be practical and work for your needs.

How did you keep track of costs during the redecoration?Pete is the numbers man; he always keeps a running tally in his head.


Modernise heritage-style homes with a soft grey colour palette, contrasted with a striking dark roof and front door.


In lieu of a traditional central coffee table, utilise ottomans and smaller side tables for storage and quick cups of tea.


Practical elements such as extra storage space and built-in furniture were designed by the couple, and Lee found she had the space to create a home studio, which has proved essential with a new baby.



The traditional cabinetry, which provides bountiful storage, is offset by industrial-style vintage pieces rescued from local secondhand stores by Lee.


The studio is full to the brim with evidenceof Lee’s magpie instincts, with collections of jewels, beads and craft supplies adorning the walls and shelves.


The home was swiftly transformed thanks to Lee’s confidence with colour and design, and Peter’s handyman skills.


Deep navy walls bring drama and depth, and provide a striking backdrop for artwork and furniture. Lighter textiles create a clean, fresh contrast to the darker hues.


Built by Mike Greer Homes, the house has the characteristics of a classic villa while also being a warm, dry and low-maintenance family home.


Wallpaper, rugs, paint and soft furnishings can all transform a space so choose wisely.




Bringing Jack home to his newly decorated room is one of Lee’s favourite memories of her home. Painted in a neutral hue, the room has been designed to grow and change with its little inhabitant.


Create or commission a piece of artwork to be the starting point for a space. Take cues and inspiration from it for the colours, motifs and textures.


Floor plan.

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Words by: Tina Stephen. Photography by: Kate Claridge.

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