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baby pillow This new-build feels warm and welcoming thanks to Scandi-inspired style sofa pillow covers
Updated: 2019-09-24 06:11

Discover how a Scandi-style scheme of blond wood, blush hues and warm neutrals has given this home a clean, light and contemporary feel

Giovanni Luca, technical support manager at StayinFront, Becks Luca, interior stylist and owner of Designroom, Brianna, 11baby pillow, and Santino, 10, plus Chipper-Wilson the kitten.

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Where have you saved money?Becks: My husband and I love to research and find something more special than stock-standard items, without paying the earth for them. So we shopped around and also imported items ourselves both for our kitchen and lighting scheme. The time and effort was certainly worth it.

Where have you splurged?On our balanced-pressure ducted heat-pump system with integrated ventilation. We have total control over the temperature in each room and fresh air circulation. Total luxury and comfort year round!

What was your best buy and why?Our extra Citta oak dining table, which Giovanni turned into custom vanity tops for our bathrooms. We love the personality the wood brings to those spaces and the continuity of having gorgeous oak throughout the house.

Best memory in your home?The first evening after moving in, sitting at the kitchen island with my husband, glass of bubbles in hand, looking out at the beautiful sunset over the water, realising that we had made it! All the hard work, all the planning, all the research, all the late nights, all the sourcing – it had all come together.

What would you never do again?I can’t say there is anything we wouldn’t do again.

Best lesson learned?Spend the money on forever things like your wiring, fixtures, fittings and structural preferences, because these are the items you need to plan early so you can incorporate them into the build. Once you move in, it’s often too late.


While living in their first home in Flat Bush, a new development in South Auckland, Becks and Giovanni Luca often found themselves driving to the nearby suburb of Beachlands to see family and friends who lived there.


“We made some changes to the plans including a higher ceiling, larger storage spaces and bigger living areas”



Becks is a stylist by trade and favours the Scandinavian design aesthetic.



The cabinetry in Becks’ study adds warmth to the workspace’s simple decor.


In the living space, although the palette is minimal, texture and pattern have been used to create interest.


Simple and symmetrical, the master bedroom has been styled to evoke a sense of calm.


Accents of blush and green in cushions, plants and flowers build a soothing palette that is repeated throughout the home.


“For me it’s about incorporating a senseof light and nature into the home, while keeping it simple and uncluttered.”


Beck’; neutral palette flows through to the children’s bedrooms where art, textured furnishings and pots of greenery add life and colour to their spaces.


Becks has used layers of texture, natural elements and a simple paint paletteto create a real sense of homeliness and warmth.


The ensuite and family bathroom have been decorated using Becks’ signature Scandi aesthetic with cosy, minimal features that offer simplicity, utility, comfort and style.


The?bathrooms have been decorated using Becks’ signature Scandi aesthetic.



Future-proofing was an important element to this build and the couple researched tirelessly until they found the right solutions for their family.


Even though Stonewood Homes was responsible for the design and build, Giovanni and Becks were very hands-on during the building process.


Floor plan

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Words by: Annick Larkin. Photography by: Vanessa Lewis.

I feel like my kiddos’ rooms are always a work in progress. While they may be done for the most part, I find I’m always tweaking and changing and adding extra pieces as I find them or make them. Reagan’s room pays homage to all things girly and dance obsessed. The walls are painted a pale pink and has ballerina accents throughout. When I found this sweet?barn wood style heart, I knew it would be a perfect match for Reagan’s room. This DIY wood heart adds a little extra love to her decor.

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