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Updated: 2019-09-16 06:18

Are you looking for a handmade piece of home decor that will?not only be pretty (yes, prettiness is an important?factor, here!) but also bring bright colours and a positive message to the house??With Tattered?Angels?colours it easily doable!Karen Crossed shares a wooden home decor piece she made for one of her friends.

Sometimes I am inspired by friends and their lives when I am creating a project. This is one that I made for a friend that needed a little pick me up in the middle of a difficult time. I wanted it to be bright and cheery but also match her decor! I really enjoyed using the canvas and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists to create her cheery flowers! Now, I just have to wrap it up and deliver it!! Hope she likes it!

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For the project Karen used:Wood Block?Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist: Key Lime Pie, MarmaladeTattered Angels Chalkboard Mist:?Polka Dot PinkCanvas Corp Canvas Shape –; SquareBlick Acrylic Paint Dark Blue and Blue Green LightWhite Gesso, Gold Craft PaintWhite Rub-ons; tissue papermatt medium and Crafter’;s Pick Ultimate Clear GlueScissorsbaby pillow, paint brushes, paper

For the base of this home decor project, use something that can stand up on its own. My version is on a wooden block. First, cover the whole block with white gesso. After the gesso is dry, paint on the dark blue color and pull across it with an old gift card to thin it and let a couple of lighter streaks show through. Take the gold paint and randomly put it on with your fingers around the edges and the top.

While the paint is drying on the block, create the flowers using Canvas Corp Brand canvas. Cut out a couple of different sized circles. Make a couple of small paper circles too, these will be used as the masks for the canvas when you spray. When you have your pieces ready to spray, do one cirlcle at time. Put a paper circle in the middle of the canvas circle and spray down onto the canvas. Repeat with various shape circles and colors until you have about 15-17 different size circles. (Keep the paper pieces, you might want to use them at the end as filler pieces like I did!) When the spray is dry, use white gesso on a small brush to color in the center of the circle.

Use scrap pieces of the canvas to create the leaves. Spray small pieces with the Glimmer mist and after they are dry, cut the pieces into the shapes and sizes you want for the leaves. You should also take a few scraps and paint them with white Gesso to create white leaves. The white leaves are good for color contrast and to brighten up the background of the flowers.

Some of the flowers are wavy so that they stand off the block. You don’;t need to do all of the them, but choose a couple of different size and color flowers. Carefully paint gel medium onto the back of the flower shapes, one at a time. As they are drying, you can fold them up and wrinkle them, and the gel medium will help them hold their shape.

After the flowers and leaves are dry, arrange them on the block to get the best result. You might find you need to create some more flowers or leaves for the coverage you want on the block. You can also use the little paper ‘;masks’; as filler pieces too. Use the craft glue to glue the flowers and leaves down to the block. As the glue is drying, print out the wording onto tissue paper. Use gel or matte medium to attach the tissue paper to the block. It is best to paint the medium onto the block where you want the tissue paper to stick and carefully place the tissue paper on. If you mess up the paper, don’;t worry, scrape it off while the medium is still wet and try again!

Finally, go around the edge of the block with paint colors that match the colors of the flowers. Use white rub-ons or stickers to create texture on the dark background. Sign your piece and you are done!

Make sure to stop by Karen’;s blog and Instagram for more creative ideas.

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