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Updated: 2019-12-04 04:22

Though it is obviously a daunting proposition to take on any large scale DIY project, decorating your holiday home carries extra pitfalls. As holiday homes are generally rented out to guests for much of the year you need to be sure yours appeals to the largest number of holiday makers possible. You also therefore need to do your research when it comes to the surrounding area in order to know what type of people make up your biggest target market.

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The most time and cost efficient way to do this is by using the internet. You could go for a few extra holidays with the perfect excuse of “research” but this could get a little costly in the long run. Joining a forum related to the country where your holiday home is situated will help you gain a good understanding of the holiday makers who frequent the area.

Once you know your market make sure you bear them in mind when making big decisions on the décor. Generally it is best to go for a neutral backdrop of whites, off-whites and creams then from here you can tailor the look slightly in favour of your personal taste. Allowing a little of your personal style to show through is fine as it shows the home is cared for. Rather than do this on the larger things like flooring and fitted kitchens it is best to stick to details like throwsbaby pillow, cushions, curtains and other soft furnishings.

If your holiday home is in a hot climate remember to include either blackout curtains or horizontal blinds or both on your shopping list. Vertical blinds allow you to deflect the suns rays without compromising your views. Blackout curtains help if you want a late start or want to keep the house cool whilst you enjoy a day’s site seeing.

If all of this feels like a little too much work- it is a holiday home after all, help on such matters can easily be found. Furniture packs can be bought from local companies who have experience in decorating similar homes. The advantage of using such companies is they have done all of the research for you already and will be familiar with local tastes. There are packages to suite various budgets but is wise to get the best you can afford as good quality furniture will last longer and is a further sign that you care for the property. If you show you take good care of your home then so will your guests.

Once you are more familiar with your competition through time spent in your holiday home you will learn how make your home standout to potential tenants without bucking too many of the local trends or traditions. Keeping your home as authentic as possible to these traditions is certainly advisable, most holidaymakers are there to sample the lifestyle and soak up the atmosphere of wherever it might be and a successful holiday home will help people do exactly that.

Adding some quirky ornaments relevant to the area, or choosing some commonly used colours is easiest way to do this without making your home resemble a themed restaurant.

I have scoured the Internet for destination wedding ideas ever since I got engaged… oh, who am I kidding? I was searching even before then. Since I scrapbook and craft and love all ideas DIY, I was very focused on the stationary and décor possibilities. Other brides may be obsessed with finding the dress (don’t get me wrong… loved that part too!) but it was not the dress that I dreamed of, but templates and colours and paper types. I am a sucker for themes, and a destination wedding is such a host of possible themes!

Whether you call it a Wash Bag, a Toiletry Bag or a Dopp Bag, I think you’re going to love today’s tutorial. Sarah is teaching us how to make a Laminated Toiletry Bag. Stitch one up to take with you on your next adventure.